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The Dysphagia Game is an educational board game that helps frontline staff to recognise and manage dysphagia more effectively. The game now includes a set of questions and picture cards devoted to the IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) framework. The game can help you implement IDDSI in your organisation and train your staff more effectively.

The game is very easy to set-up and all that’s needed is a space large enough for the board and the players. It works best with between 2-12 players divided into 2 teams. Games usually last 45-60 minutes, but you can make it shorter or longer depending on the time you have available.

Games can be run as an informal activity in the workplace, or as part of more structured training and workshops. The game does not require a facilitator with an expert knowledge of dysphagia, and a facilitator’s role can be very ‘hands off’.

The game encourages players to discuss a series of questions, allowing them to acquire new knowledge, share experiences and learn from each other. These discussions are what make the game effective and help players to learn.

Face-to-face and online versions available

Board game for face-to-face learning.

Traditional tabletop game for groups working face-to-face. Encourages collaborative team discussions.

Generates fun and enthusiasm with a serious purpose and clear outcomes.

Online for socially distanced learning.

Digital board game replicates the intensity of face-to-face on Zoom, Skype & Teams.

Can be used for remote learning or socially distanced face-to-face sessions. Just share your screen with the group, wherever they are.

What does the Dysphagia game teach?

Helps staff and students to learn about:

  • Prevalence, causes and impact of dysphagia
  • Recognising dysphagia
  • Reducing risks and improving management
  • IDDSI framework

The Dysphagia Game contains 3 packs of cards:

  1. General questions– 40 cards that address a wide range of dysphagia-related issues.
  2. IDDSI questions – 22 question cards plus related pictures that address the IDDSI framework
  3. Activity cards – 8 activities that involve eating, drinking and mixing. These are optional.

There are more cards in the box than would be played in 45-minute game and the organiser can choose a selection of cards that meet the specific training needs of the people playing.

What's in the box?


Games make face-to-face training more engaging and effective.

Games encourage people to talk and learn from each other.

Games can be used anywhere, by anyone with no external support.

Games = a workshop in a box.


We have created a simplified digital version of the board game. You can play this game on any device through any web browser, no visits to an app store. It’s 100% free to use. Just click and play:

Visit our shop to purchase The Dysphagia Game and to see our other games.

We also sell a German and Spanish language versions of The Dysphagia Game. These versions do not yet include the IDDSI Framework. Visit the shop to learn more.

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£80.00 EXC Vat

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